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Ray Borzio

rayborzio.jpgRay Borzio is founder and managing partner of Global Calibration Gases LLC. A graduate of Rutgers University (BS Chemistry, 1972) Ray has worked continually in the specialty gases industry since 1973. His career started at Airco Industrial Gases where he progressed through all areas of production, quality control, sales management and plant management until 1982. He then took a position to start a specialty gas division with National Welders Supply Co, then the country's fastest growing independent. As business manager of National Specialty Gases, strategically located in the heart of North Carolina's Research Triangle, Ray developed his proprietary Cyl-Inert aluminum cylinder treatment process that guarantees the long term stability necessary for today's extended shelf-life of the EPA Protocol. In 1993, Ray founded Special Gas Systems, a company dedicated to supplying specialty gas business and production technology to the independent distributor desiring to enter basic specialty gas production and analysis.