ISO/IEC 17025:2017
 PJLA Accreditation#:69191
PGVP Vendor ID#:N22022


Precision Specialty Gas Mixtures

At Global Calibration Gases, we are committed to Quality, Precision, Accuracy, and Service. We are second to none as a supplier of NIST Traceable calibration gas mixtures, especially EPA Protocol Gases. Why?
1) Our ISO 17025 accreditation and scope has demonstrated our proficiency specifically in those analytical methods required to produce mixtures in accordance with EPA-600/R-12/531 (May 2012).

2) All of our EPA Protocol Gases are produced to meet all RATA requirements with guaranteed total expanded uncertainty in reported results not to exceed +/- 1%.

3) Long term stability is guaranteed using Cyl-inert® (a registered trademark of Special Gas Services), a proprietary treatment process that eliminates all reactive and adsorptive properties from the cylinder wall. The result is constant delivery of the certified concentration throughout the life of the cylinder. To us, expiration dating is a mere formality.

4) Since stability is not an issue, we typically release reactive Protocols after 1 stability quarantine. This reduces our lead times by 7 days for reactive mixes! Our reject rate is virtually non-existent.